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Korea 2009: Day 15: May 17


The conclusion. Ashley dropped by with her brother, Gunil, to say her goodbyes since she’ll be staying a couple more days, and Gunil, a couple more months. She also picked up the cellphone we were using thanks to Jinhyo, that has come in handy so much, we’re very grateful. Our plans? Head to a familiar […]

Korea 2009: Day 14: May 16


a quiet day-ish. we woke up LATE from a exhausting day previous, jenny called but no one else was awake. when everyone eventually did get up, we met her at our closest station around noon. today’s forecast: rain. all day. rain. we went to shinsadong and got some food, and shopped around a bit. most […]

Korea 2009: Day 13: May 15


i’m getting very used to sleeping on the floor… so we’re back in seoul. and…. not exactly sure what sightseeing there is to do. BUT we all want to shop 😛 so we headed for LOTTE Department Store near Myeongdong. Here, and in Japan, the department stores are basically a collection of smaller stores packed […]

Korea 2009: Day 12: May 14


Woke up around 530 and saw some nice colours in the sky… our window was facing north so we didn’t see the sunrise at all, even though we missed it anyways 😛 Today is our last day in Jeju. We did so much yesterday, we’re just finishing stuff off now. Our first stop, Manjanggul Lava […]

Korea 2009: Day 11: May 13


Busy busy day. Our first stop was the Miniature Park. Although our timing was pretty bad since we arrived at the exact same time as multiple buses full of high school or middle school students. They were also on the same plane as us, and stayed at the same hotel – -;… In the miniature […]

Korea 2009: Day 10: May 12


After the morning bath and difficult sleep, we head out to grab our belongings from the place we didnt end up sleeping at 😛 It was 8000 won from each of us, 8$. o well. And today it was raining over most of Korea, we also had some bursts of hard rain in Busan. Our […]

Korea 2009: Day 09: May 11


Time for Busan (or Pusan…) Grabbed a day-pass and locked up our luggage at the station and went to the Jagalchi fish market for some fresh seafood. mm…. The random fish, squid, octopus, clams, other random sea-dwelling creatures 0.o… sea bugs, stingrays, eel, shark brain o.o!, king crabs… crazy. We found a restaurant inside the […]

Korea 2009: Day 08: May 10


Packed and ready to go. Woke up around 430ish to leave at 525ish to meet Ashley at 530 on the corner. Walked to the Express Bus Terminal and jumped on the 630 bus to Gyeoungju. It’s a good thing that the bus is actually comfortable, think an upgraded GO bus 😛 4 hours till we […]

Korea 2009: Day 07: May 09


Dongdaemun. Our only real destination today. The fashion district. There were several malls in the area that had multiple floors with women’s clothing and one floor of men’s. Most of the clothing in each mall was the same and the method of selling was extremely stressful and pushy. Each time i walked along the aisles, […]

Korea 2009: Day 06: May 08


EVERLAND!!!!!… one of the famous amusement parks in Korea. Located in the Yong-in city, same as the Korean Folk Village. But Everland is huuuuuge and located so far far away it’s as if the place was completely dedicated to everland and nothing was close by for hours… You enter the ‘Everland Resort’ and you just […]