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Europe 2011: Day 10 (Greece 08): May 22


As part of the ticket into the Acropolis, there are 5 or 6 other historical monuments that you are then able to enter, the temple and market places we passed yesterday during the walking tour. There is a cobble stone pathway that helps guide tourists. It goes from the Temple of Zeus all the way […]

Europe 2011: Day 09 (Greece 07): May 21


Waking up relatively early we headed down to grab some complimentary breakfast provided by Athens Studios. First up, a 5€ walking tour around some of the sights also provided by Athens Backpackers. A lot of dogs in Athens, tagged, but abandoned? After our guide mistakes ‘Toronto’ for ‘Hong Kong’, we walk a couple minutes to […]

Europe 2011: Day 08 (Greece 06): May 20


Staying in Mykonos, the plan this morning was to wake up, hottub, breakfast, and go. However, the first part didn’t go too well. 😛 Karen came by briefly before she went to the hottub and we…. Slept. Mike and I were in a different room so she couldn’t wake us directly. Oops. Finallly getting up […]

Europe 2011: Day 07 (Greece 05): May 19


Woke up to thundering clouds. No rain or lightning. Just thunder. Apparently 1 of those 60 days happened to be 1 of the 8 days we’d be in Greece. Chilly today, even though high of 21 low of 15. As we were waiting for our ride to the airport from the villa owners, very generous […]

Europe 2011: Day 06 (Greece 04): May 18


Day trip!! The excursion included islands, hot spring, volcano, Thirasia, Ia (Oia), and the sunset. Waking up at around 930, we headed to the bus stop where the tour bus would pick us up and drop us off at the Fira port. At the port we got on a boat, duh, and left for our […]

Europe 2011: Day 05 (Greece 03): May 17


Everyone had a good long sleep, woke up at 11, which was nice but unfortunate, being in Santorini and all. After planning our moves for the next day and the ferry to Mykonos, we went across the street to rent our ATVs!!! Wheee. After applying a layer of sunscreen of course. After a brief ‘lesson’ […]

Europe 2011: Day 04 (Greece 02): May 16


Second day in KOS, slept for a while, woke up around 730 while the others stayed in bed. Went out on the balcony and read my book. Nice and sunny. Woke everyone else up at around 9 because the breakfast buffet ended at 10. Breakfast was good too! Variety of foods, eggs, sausages, pies, yogurt, […]

Europe 2011: Day 03 (Greece 01): May 15


Next stop: KOS! But to get there, we need to get on a 3am shuttle bus to bring us to the Frankfurt-Hahn airport for our 740am flight out. So it was an early night prior. Didn’t feel like I got much sleep although trying to sleep the whole night, but we had to wake up […]