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Korea 2009: Day 07: May 09

Dongdaemun. Our only real destination today. The fashion district.

There were several malls in the area that had multiple floors with women’s clothing and one floor of men’s. Most of the clothing in each mall was the same and the method of selling was extremely stressful and pushy.

Each time i walked along the aisles, the people at the booths jump up and start talking, hyung nim, hyung nim~…. chacamanion 0.o that’s prolly spelt wrong… then some realize i dont speak korean and the first thing they ask “where are you from?” and don’t elaborate. and continue with broken english… whee.

but yea, when you can’t speak the language, and maybe just the style of shopping, was too much for all of us. we headed back to coex mall. again. 3rd time… this time we explored the other side of the mall and found a uniqlo, where i actually didnt buy anything.

we ate at omurice, omurice fusion and pasta. yum. love omurice. after a bit more shopping we had some dessert at redmango, which was soooo good. altho demetri’s crepes would have more to it.

headed back home and packed our stuff up. we’re heading off to gyeong-somethinorother, busan, then jeju island. we were supposed to have the same condo afterwards, but the landlord found another, more permanent… people. so we’re getting a bit of a refund but gotta find another place to stay after getting back from jeju. ashley’s uncle found a hostel for us by insadong, altho not co-ed.

we did some laundry at her uncle’s place and brought it all back to our place in order to dry. altho we have to meet at 530 in order to catch a bus around 6, 630. whee. sleep?…


Mixed Berry Waffle at Redmango