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Australia + New Zealand 2010: Summary


Oy. Toilet. Boot. Torch. Have a go. Carpark. Carport. Take Away. Boomerangs. Bush. Surf. Koalas. Kangaroos. Wallabies. Penguins. Tram. No worries. Mate. G’Day. Sweet As. Petrol. Eucalyptus (gum). Shell is Coles is Australia. Burger King is Hungry Jacks in Australia. Ozone layer above Australia is thin. The sun+rays is very intense, you can feel the […]

Australia 2010: Day 12: May 06


Melbourne. Heading into the city from St. Kilda, not bad. The trams run frequently and go all over the place. It works on the honour system… The ‘driver’ just dictates when to close the doors and move on, and probably where the tram turns and stuff. He doesn’t check if you have bought a ticket […]

Australia 2010: Day 11: May 05


Woke up at 625, gogogo! Went through everything again and our driver Cameron was off. The Great Ocean Road tour. First town we passed through was Torquay, the hometown of QuikSilver and RipCurl! Passing over a small bridge, we were off! And our first stop: Bell’s Beach. Morning Tea and biscuits… We had a lot […]

Australia 2010: Day 10: May 04


10am pickup for the Penguin Parade tour on Philips Island. After picking up a couple more people and traversing through Melbourne closer to the beaches, we were brought past several cool buildings and dropped off at the Bunyip office to pay. With a full bus our driver Bernie brought us to our first stop, a […]

Australia 2010: Day 09: May 03


Today: going to Melbourne. Having two choices, 6am or 1245, we chose 1245 for our flight so most of our day was spent in the Melbourne Domestic airport. Unlike Air Canada, we were able to check-in at the kiosk with just our reservation number. Easy stuff. Blahblahblah, landed in Melbourne after a stop in Sydney, […]

Australia 2010: Day 08: May 02


Today. We go shopping. or try to. First stop, DFO. Direct Factory Outlet. After walking for about 20-30 minutes we got to the outlet and we walked through the outlet in about an hour and a half and bought….. nothing. what a bust. The food court was pretty crappy too. skip. We decided to walk […]

Australia 2010: Day 07: May 01


3rd day in Cairns, 7th in Australia! Tjapukai, Scenic Skyrail, Koala Gardens, and BirdWorld! Got picked up from Cairns Central and headed to the Skyrail Station. First stop, Tjapukai Cultural Park. Started off with a cultural background video which was pretty… sad but unfortunately true. European man comes and takes over and massacres most of […]

Australia 2010: Day 06: April 30


Didn’t have a good sleep last night, woke up at 243, 340ish, 440ish, 540ish. and we left at about 640ish to walk to the Reef Fleet Terminal down Spence St. We booked through, and ended up with Passions of Paradise. I say ended up with because it didn’t seem like one of the bigger […]

Australia 2010: Day 05: April 29


Waking up and finally leaving at 5am, Uncle Ron gives us a ride to the airport where our plane connects to Cairns on its way to Osaka and Tokyo, whee… Aaaannnd here we are, Cairns. 3 hour flight from Sydney, compared to the 48 hour train ride 😉 good way to travel. Although it is […]

Australia 2010: Day 04: April 28


Despite our bad luck surfing, or lack of, yesterday we were able to book a Blue Mountains tour in the morning for today. They sent their confirmation through email so we stopped by the three-storey Apple store to steal their wi-fi and got the email 😀 Anyways, we met up with our tour bus somewhere […]