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Europe/Africa 2014: Day 05 (Portugal 05): Oct 09


Leaving Lagos today. Our Portugal portion of the trip is coming to an end. But before that. SURFING. Or trying to anyways. Last night at the hostel Karen war inquiring about surfing and then the hostel lady came in and said, “it’s booked!”. “oh. Okay. Thank you!”… Hahaha, we didn’t have a chance to reconsider […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 04 (Portugal 04): Oct 08


Lagos, in the Algarve region. The main attraction is the beach, there being so many of them. KAYAKING! We had a lot of fun this morning kayaking. Although tough and tiring, haha. It was quite the experience to kayak along the Lagos coast, amongst the rocks, caves, history. At one point we were within a […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 03 (Portugal 03): Oct 07


Today, we are heading to Lagos! But before that, we’re gonna explore a little bit of Lisbon one last time. We got up a little later than usual, usual being the last two days. After grabbing some breakfast from the hostel, we went to the subway station to buy an all day pass for 6 […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 02 (Portugal 02): Oct 06


Sintra! After a quick breakfast at the hostel, we head out to Rossio station to take the train. Approximately 40 minute ride. Once there, with all the other tourists, we purchase a single loop ticket for 5 euro. This allows us a one way hop on and hop off bus ticket through the Sintra area. […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 01 (Portugal 01): Oct 05


Here we go again! Another awesome trip planned by Karen Ha. This time we are off to Portugal, Morocco, Dublin. The first big headache was discovering that we’re only doing carry on and those sizes are… small. Ryanair especially, 55x40x20cm. Basically 0 space for souvenirs. So sad. Landed in Lisbon at 7AM, 2AM EST. We are […]