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Europe/Africa 2014: Day 17 (Dublin 02): Oct 21


Short day. But we had one goal. Eat a traditional Irish breakfast. Our destination, O’Neill’s. Good deal too. 11 different pieces and coffee or tea. Extremely filling. I could go back to sleep… And… Time to catch the Airlink 747 to the airport. Goodbye, Ireland. It’s time to go home. Until next time. Should be […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 16 (Dublin 01): Oct 20


After a quick breakfast at the hostel, we go out and explore a little. Damn, it’s cold. Wasn’t it 40 degrees yesterday? Our walking tour started at 11, gathering a large group of about 30 people just in our tour. We had a lot of people from North America as well as a couple of […]