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Europe 2012: Iceland Summary


Excessive speeding fines :@ 90km/h max?! Crazy. Quiet. Farmlife. Sheep. Everywhere. Cows and horses too. Relatively well maintained highways through the countryside. Picnic tables at almost every outdoor/natural tourist destination, even at the beginnings of hiking trails. A lot of side stop areas for picturesque views, quite frequent for Iceland, especially during a sunset/rise. Mountains, […]

Europe 2012: Day 11 (Iceland 11): Oct 28


Blue Lagoon. One of the wonders of the world… apparently. A cool spa, geothermal pools with silica in the water that is supposed to strengthen your skin. In the pool, you can apply silica face masks on yourself. Access to a waterfall massage area, steam rooms, saunas, pool-side bar. Pretty cool experience. Jumped on Wi-Fi […]

Europe 2012: Day 10 (Iceland 10): Oct 27


Hraunfossar + Barnafoss. Hraunfossar is a collection of countless springs of clear water. Barnafoss, has a sad story to go with it. Barnafoss means Children’s waterfall, “One Christmas day, a household went to attend mass, with the exception of two children who were to stay at home. When the people returned, the children had vanished […]

Europe 2012: Day 09 (Iceland 09): Oct 26


Exploring Mývatn Lake area. We stop by a ‘hidden treasure’ Grjotagja, a small cave with a geothermal pool that is supposed to be comfortable to bathe in. We were told by an employee at the Vogafjos that locals occasionally go there and skinny dip and it should be around 43˚C but the above link says […]

Europe 2012: Day 08 (Iceland 08): Oct 25


Lotsa driving again~ SO COLD. Hit -15˚C this morning by the waterfall, Dettifoss, which is Europe’s most powerfull waterfall. Very cold and very dangerous, whee… and also down to Hafragilsfoss for a higher view. Hit up Ásbyrgis next, a formation of the mountains formed by earthquakes, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, etc. Interesting park. We walked to […]

Europe 2012: Day 07 (Iceland 07): Oct 24


Back to Jökulsárlón! Started off a little foggy and cleared up during our boat tour through the lagoon. Sneaky seals popped their head up once or twice. Overall a great experience. The mist was lifting and creating a mysterious aura~ haha… The reflection of the mountains and ice on the water, beautiful. But it got […]

Europe 2012: Day 06 (Iceland 06): Oct 23


SO DAMN FOGGY. Was an interesting drive in the morning to get to our first destination: Skaftafell for a Glacier Hike. The fog was dark, then white, and all over the place, and then gone and back again.. haha. Very nice scenic route, like every route we’ve taken actually. So after about 2 hours of […]

Europe 2012: Day 05 (Iceland 05): Oct 22


Golden Circle Day Two. Before leaving Hestheimar, we visited the stables they had and saw some horses. Seljalandsfoss. First stop of the day, a waterfall where we were able to walk behind! Pretty cool and cold… I got too close, sank my shoes in mud, had to go and change. Oops. 😛 Also, my camera […]

Europe 2012: Day 04 (Iceland 04): Oct 21


Day One traversing the Golden Circle. Basically it’s a lot of scenery and landscapes. Ice, lakes, waterfalls, geysers, etc. Unfortunately we didn’t really learn too much about each spot. I just hope I can remember the names. Pingvellir National Park, World Heritage site. Two waterfalls, lakes. The first waterfall, Drekkingarhylur, (according to the info panel) […]

Europe 2012: Day 03 (Iceland 03): Oct 20


Late start for me as Karen and Michelle went to go pick up Hannah from the airport. 😛 After Hannah got settled and napped for a bit, we headed out to explore Reykjavik. First stop: Kringlan. A mall. Hah, to grab some ISK and a SIM card for emergencies. Everything so far seems very expensive… […]