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Europe/Africa 2014: Day 15 (Morocco 10): Oct 19


For our last day in Marrakech, our tour started at 10. We would be led through a couple of the last sites and then be on our way. Starting with the Ben Youseff Madaersa, which closed down in the mid 1900s, once having up to 900 students attending. This would be one of the four […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 14 (Morocco 09): Oct 18


This morning we decided to hit the Gardens of Majorelle, Yves Saint Laurent first, then a visit a waterfall. The garden was nice, flowers and plants from all around the world. Pomegranate trees, banana trees, cactuses, bamboo… The gardens also had a memorial pillar for Yves Saint Laurent and his house repurposed as a museum. […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 13 (Morocco 08): Oct 17


Leaving Ouarzazate, a quiet city just being developed. Usually just passed through on the way to Marrakech. However, apparently, it is also the site of a movie studio! Atlas Corporation. Filming parts of various movies throughout the ages. Cleopatra, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Alexander, the upcoming King Tut, and some scenes from The Game of […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 12 (Morocco 07): Oct 16


SO MANY FLIES. Not in the tent though, at least, but outside. They are everywhere and there are so many. They weren’t so annoying at night. Waking up around 630, it’s still a bit dark. But good to catch the sunrise coming over the sand dunes. Good times. The only reason we got up so […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 11 (Morocco 06): Oct 15


Leaving Fes. But before that, we have to settle some bills. Our laundry, which was ridiculously overpriced and by item, we got a discount on. Did they wash it by hand or something? Jeez… Then she brought out a bill for dinner. And it was high. We thought it was included… That’s what our itinerary […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 10 (Morocco 05): Oct 14


Fes! Some light breakfast, we started our guided tour of Fes around 945. Our guide, Ibrahim (?) had an interesting accent, leaning heavily towards speaking clearer English. Our first destination was the Royal Palace. Well, the outside of it. Apparently, because of two military attempts at a coup d’etat in the 60s when Hassan II […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 09 (Morocco 04): Oct 13


Grabbing some breakfast in the restaurant area of our hotel, where internet exists, we had decided the day before to leave a little later from the city. Giving us a chance to explore when it’s light out. I chose to stay behind to catch up on blogging, as there wasn’t much else to see that […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 08 (Morocco 03): Oct 12


Early morning in Rabat. Visit the sites then head out to Chefchaouen. Our first stop, the qazbah just a couple minutes from our Riad. Qazbah des Oudaya. There was also a small Japanese exhibit as part of their culture outreach. As we walked in, the guy who was standing at entrance told us which way […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 07 (Morocco 02): Oct 11


Slept okay. I think it was just me, but at around 5am I heard some yelling, “HELLO? HELLO?”… Nothing followed. Back to sleep. Hmm. Sameer had a similar experience in the night around 2am, he heard someone walking around outside our door. He got up and checked and the inner lock of our room was […]

Europe/Africa 2014: Day 06 (Morocco 01): Oct 10


Arriving at the airport in Faro was… Quick. The taxi driver was going at 130-140km/hr and we got there in about 10 minutes. Apparently either we were too late or too early, our luggages were marked for free check-in as the cabin would be full. Either way, this gate didn’t seem to care much about […]