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Korea 2009: Day 06: May 08

EVERLAND!!!!!… one of the famous amusement parks in Korea. Located in the Yong-in city, same as the Korean Folk Village. But Everland is huuuuuge and located so far far away it’s as if the place was completely dedicated to everland and nothing was close by for hours… You enter the ‘Everland Resort’ and you just keep going up and up for a couple minutes until you actually get to the amusement park.

anyways. honestly, i didn’t give a damn about amusement parks, had a grumpy mindset i guess… but by the end of the day, i had a lot of fun 😀

it was probably because the first thing we did was go on a ride and that took about an hour to actually do. frakkin lineups. but the ride was similar to our cyclone at wonderland and it helped boost my energy, etc… 😛

we went to several small rides after that, and watched their afternoon parade. dancers and floats. it was amazing how a LOT of the dancers were actually caucasian. it’s like… “where did they all come from?!” the procession continued for about 15-20 minutes and then we headed off to safari world……

safari world had 2 main safari areas. One for the tigers and lions, the other for the bears. the elephant, monkeys, etc, were off in another, not directly connected to the safari area. The concept was similar to the african lion safari, we’re all in a bus and traveling through a habitat built for the animals. There were several lions and tigers as well as a liger o.o! which looked like a lion with faint stripes. It seemed to me like the animals were trained a bit to avoid the vehicle… hmm. or just learnt to.

in the bear cage, they were everywhere. some more active than others of course. the driver had biscuits so that he could lure a bear onto the side of the bus in order to provide a more interesting trip for the visitors. the bear even stood on its hindlegs for a long time just to get some biscuits! haha…

Going through an animal thing afterwards, similar to a zoo, the animals were very active. penguins, beavers, toucan, snakes, bats, seals, otters, etc. we then proceeded to ride the Amazon Express, their water raft ride. we barely got wet tho, thankfully. At the exit, they provided fans and heating lamps for the people who actually did 😛 Around this area, the T-Express, Korea’s pride and joy of roller coasters. the world’s steepest drop of 77 degrees. Of course the long was longer than a 90 minute wait so we decided to skip it and get on with our lives >_>…

We jumped onto ‘Human Sky’ the 2-person ropeway, and ended up near the entrance where we encountered a ‘BBoy Funny Battle’ about to start. we stayed for that and encountered more caucasian dancers, breakdancers. haha… they gave an amusing show.

Next at 8 (my order is probably wrong and skipping several things) we went to get dinner. we got on the other ropeway, a 4-person one, that led us to the Grand Stage area where we grabbed some food and waited for the moonlight parade. the floats and dancers were lit up like crazy and the lights danced away.

An hour later, the multimedia and light show was to start. the ‘Dream of Lucian’. Lasers, enormous projections, floats, and fireworks. it was great 😀 but the fireworks were amazing. it just kept going and going and going. fireworks mode on the camera is awesome. the fireworks display made the day all worth it.

aaaaaand home. there was a lot of traffic so it took a lot longer than we anticipated. *sigh


Phoenix in the Dream of Lucian


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