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Category Archives: South America

South America 2016: Day 12 (Bolivia 02): Dec 03


One of our latest mornings, 10:30 to start our Uyuni tour. We were late. Oops. Get into the van, apparently we’re picking up 4 more people.  After picking them up, we head out. Our first destination, the Train Cemetery. A weird collection of broken down trains and pieces. Makes for interesting photos. 20 minutes later, […]

South America 2016: Day 11 (Bolivia 01): Dec 02


Early morning flight to La Paz. We have a bunch of hours to kill before our flight to Uyuni, so we decide to go down into the core of downtown La Paz. Exit the plane, go through immigration and customs and stuff and… They didn’t ask for the yellow fever exemption thing we bought from […]

South America 2016: Day 10 (Peru 10): Dec 01


Wake up… My headache is gone! Yay. But as always, tough to get up. Especially when you’re in a tent and it’s snowing outside… Lol We’re woken with coca tea and given some time to get up and get breakfast. Oh so cold. Breakfast and go. We trek out at around 4:45am, aiming to be […]

South America 2016: Day 09 (Peru 09): Nov 30


Of course, we’re a bit slow to pack up and go. We leave around 4:20 instead for the 3hr drive to the starting point. Nap.  Just the 3 of us for this 2d1n trek, so we have a lot of freedom and leeway as to where we could go and where we could spend our […]

South America 2016: Day 08 (Peru 08): Nov 29


Really good breakfast at the Panorama B&B. Taking the morning 6am bus to Machu Picchu.  Time for our 7am trek up Machu Picchu mountain, the first group. Whee. Gayaanan decided to stay back and explore the ruins and find a place to nap. Everyone to meet up at 11:30. Signed in as #14, but as […]

South America 2016: Day 07 (Peru 07): Nov 28


3am! I didn’t actually make it down until 3:25ish, but there wasn’t anyone after our group yet anyways. We were the fourth or fifth group, we heard that the first group camped out there at 1am. It was only a minute or two down to the checkpoint, so a couple of people came back up […]

South America 2016: Day 06 (Peru 06): Nov 27


Woke up at 5:30, clouds cleared, beautiful. Today is the “easy” day. After some breakfast (jello!) and snacks, we head out and up around 7. We were introduced and we introduced ourselves to the porters. They ranged from 20 years old to 47, several of them from Lares. While the majority of us are around […]

South America 2016: Day 05 (Peru 05): Nov 26


Sleep was okay… Started cold then got fairly warm inside the sleeping bag with sweatpants and hoodie. Haha. Woke up a couple of times but I overall, not bad.  Woken up with coca tea at 4:40, we had 30 minutes to get up, pack our stuff, and start breakfast. Trek to start at 6… Which […]

South America 2016: Day 04 (Peru 04): Nov 25


Wake up call at 6! To meet Alpaca Expeditions at 7. Final packing, etc. Our guides come find us and we’re out the door of Kampala Guesthouse. Carrying our bags and leading us to the bus. After a ride, we end up at the first checkpoint. All of the Inca treks start here. The porters […]

South America 2016: Day 03 (Peru 03): Nov 24


After a nice breakfast at Urubamba, our driver and van shows up to take us to the first stop of the day, the salt mines of Maras. Dusty, narrow, and bumpy roads. Entering the site, a 10 soles entry. We walk up and follow the arrows through the merchant stalls and finally to the pits […]