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Europe 2012: Day 06 (Iceland 06): Oct 23

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SO DAMN FOGGY. Was an interesting drive in the morning to get to our first destination: Skaftafell for a Glacier Hike. The fog was dark, then white, and all over the place, and then gone and back again.. haha. Very nice scenic route, like every route we’ve taken actually.

So after about 2 hours of driving, we arrive at Skaftafell Visitor Centre. Apparently the bus we passed by a couple of minutes prior was the one we should have been on. *sigh… we were late. Next hike, 2pm. So let’s skip to the next destination: Jökulsárlón lagoon for a tour through the glaciers, 45 minute drive away. However, it is still really damn foggy. We opted to come back the next morning, couldn’t get any worse in terms of fogginess. But of course, stayed for a bit to take photos of what we could.

Ugh. Back towards Skaftafell. Made a couple small stops along the way and got to our hike on time 😛

Fitting our crampons and getting our ice picks, we head out to Svinafellsjokull, a glacier tongue of the Vatnajökull glacier. Pretty fun to be running around on crampons on a glacier. Also a bit dangerous. Several deep crevasses are around limiting how far we can go and what direction. A fall down there could be some serious trouble. Overall, a fun and even a little educational time on the glacier. Thanks to, Siggi.

By this time, it was getting really dark. We headed out to the lagoon again (it was on our way anyways) and was glad to see that the fog cleared up and we might be able to get some different pictures. Yay. Back on the road, it got darker, foggier, and started to rain… on our way to Hofn.

Grabbed dinner at Kaffi Hornid, Glacier Trout and Apple + Caramel Pie, mmm……. sleep.

Tomorrow, back to Jökulsárlón and back north to some waterfalls and such.

Svinafellsjokull, “, Jökulsárlón

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