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Europe 2012: Day 09 (Iceland 09): Oct 26

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Exploring Mývatn Lake area.

We stop by a ‘hidden treasure’ Grjotagja, a small cave with a geothermal pool that is supposed to be comfortable to bathe in. We were told by an employee at the Vogafjos that locals occasionally go there and skinny dip and it should be around 43˚C but the above link says it’s now too hot (since 1984. hm)

Dimmuborgir, a conservation park, that holds several interesting rock formations, primarily large holes formed by volcanic activity.

Höfði Peninsula, a rocky promontory which is supposed to be a ‘romantic’ spot… maybe if it were summer.

Skutustadir, a collection of pseudocraters formed by molten lava flowing into the lake. Like several other areas, occupied by sheep and their several droppings.

Next, Godafoss Waterfall. It’s name is said to be derived by a historical event by a chieftain deciding for the Icelandic people to adopt Christianity. He then therefore threw all of his statues of the pagan gods into this waterfall. Again, really really cold and windy.

Akureyri, another town with some shopping and food.

Some drive away was where we’ll be staying the night, a small hostel by the Hrútafjörður fjord. Heading back to Reykjavik tomorrow as our journey around the Golden Circle ends and our trip in Iceland comes to a close…

Dimmuborgir, Skútustaðagígar Craters, Godafess

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