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Europe 2012: Iceland Summary

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Excessive speeding fines :@
90km/h max?! Crazy.
Sheep. Everywhere.
Cows and horses too.
Relatively well maintained highways through the countryside.
Picnic tables at almost every outdoor/natural tourist destination, even at the beginnings of hiking trails.
A lot of side stop areas for picturesque views, quite frequent for Iceland, especially during a sunset/rise.
Mountains, Rock Formations, Cliffs, Waterfalls, Snow, Glaciers, Fields, roundabouts, Hot Springs.
Definitely a different life.
You do not really need cash. Basically all places have a credit card machine, and if not, an ATM. Even some small flea market shop lady pulled out a terminal… and the police officers – -;…
A lot of driving, everywhere.
Not much of a nightlife outside of Reykjavik.
Early nights due to NOTHING else to do.
Too much wind for umbrellas, just not.. it doesn’t work.

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