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Europe 2012: Day 08 (Iceland 08): Oct 25

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Lotsa driving again~

SO COLD. Hit -15˚C this morning by the waterfall, Dettifoss, which is Europe’s most powerfull waterfall. Very cold and very dangerous, whee… and also down to Hafragilsfoss for a higher view.

Hit up Ásbyrgis next, a formation of the mountains formed by earthquakes, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, etc. Interesting park. We walked to a waterfall that was completely frozen, spikes of ice just hanging down.

Quickly through Húsavík, grabbing some food along the way. Hannah was getting a little sick so we also visited the local Apótek, but apparently cough medicine is not over the counter, but requires a prescription. hmm. In Husavik is also a lot of ships that go out for Whale Watching. Although we were not going to go anyways, their tours end Oct 20th. Several tours around the island also stop departing around the end of September. No, we did not eat whale.

In the area of the Myvatn Lake, we went to the Viti Crater. Passed by several small natural geysers, and a ‘cloud machine’, Krafla Geothermal Power Station along the way up to the crater. There is a trail that leads up and around the crater and the small geysers (if they are small geysers) in a valley around the back of the crater with waters from 80-100˚C. Got separated from the three of them as I went exploring. Oops 😛 The smoke from the factory was so thick that the sunset lit it up to a bright orangey-pink.

Staying at Vogafjós Guesthouse, a cow farm. The night started out quite cloudless and clear but got cloudy, destroying any chances of seeing the northern lights once again. *sigh..

And our last stop for the day, Myvatn Nature Baths, soaking ourselves in natural geothermal pools.

Dettifoss, Dettifoss & Hafragilsfoss, Viti Crater, Jardbodin, Moon

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