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Europe 2012: Day 11 (Iceland 11): Oct 28

Blue Lagoon. One of the wonders of the world… apparently. A cool spa, geothermal pools with silica in the water that is supposed to strengthen your skin. In the pool, you can apply silica face masks on yourself. Access to a waterfall massage area, steam rooms, saunas, pool-side bar. Pretty cool experience.

Jumped on Wi-Fi to see if flights were being delayed due to Hurricane Sandy… Dropped Hannah off at Keflavik Int’l Airport.

Grabbed some food at Kaffi Duus in Keflavik and went to visit some sights in the area before taking off tomorrow.

First stop, The Bridge between Continents. This bridge symbolizes the meeting point of the tectonic plates of America and Europe. Separating 2cm every year. Interestingly enough, it was basically just a bridge with an info board and a picnic table. hahaha..

Hafnaberg, bird cliffs. As the sun set, its rays shone down through the clouds, created a nice view of the water and the rocks and island in the distance. Lots of cliffs. Not too many birds this time of year though.

Gunnuhver, alongside the bird cliffs, this is a collection of small hot springs, so much sulphuric clouds. There is an interesting story for this spot. Apparently Gunnu, the lands tenant could not pay the rent and instead her only possession, a cooking pot, was taken from her. Mad with fury, she dropped dead and became a hateful specter, killing the landlord and haunting the land, killing more people and driving other mad. Until a sorceror helped put her down with a ball of yarn. Yep. crazy.

Hotel Keflavik. 540am ride to the airport. 740am flight to Paris.

Blue Lagoon, Bridge between Continents, Great Aux Memorial at the Bird Cliffs, Random Sculpture in Keflavik

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