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Europe 2012: Day 04 (Iceland 04): Oct 21

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Day One traversing the Golden Circle.

Basically it’s a lot of scenery and landscapes. Ice, lakes, waterfalls, geysers, etc. Unfortunately we didn’t really learn too much about each spot. I just hope I can remember the names.

Pingvellir National Park, World Heritage site. Two waterfalls, lakes. The first waterfall, Drekkingarhylur, (according to the info panel) some Icelandic executions were by drowning. Several places were named after savage penalties. Stekkjargia gorge are Galgaklettar (Scaffold Cliff) and Galgi (Scaffold) for example. The second waterfall, Öxarárfoss, was just very nice 😛

Geysir, very touristy, restaurant, gift shop, clothing stores, food court, museum. Basically a park with a lot of geysers. Strokkur, was the main attraction as it actually bursts/erupts? regularly.

Gullfoss, a large waterfall. Lots of ice and lots of cold cold water. Probably some story about how it could have been sold or something and wasn’t… yea.

Kerio, a collapsed volcano.

We’re staying at a nice cottage at Hestheimar, cozy.

Tomorrow, continuing the circle.

Öxarárfoss (in Pingvellir National Park), Geysir (Strokkur), Gullfoss

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