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Europe 2012: Day 07 (Iceland 07): Oct 24

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Back to Jökulsárlón! Started off a little foggy and cleared up during our boat tour through the lagoon. Sneaky seals popped their head up once or twice. Overall a great experience. The mist was lifting and creating a mysterious aura~ haha… The reflection of the mountains and ice on the water, beautiful. But it got even better when we ended the tour and the stream leading out of the lagoon cleared up as well and the whole scene was completely different. Breathtaking. Clear waters, crazy glacier pieces, thin layer of mist, and snow-covered peaks in the background. Very much worth coming back to this point 3 times. hahah…

AAAAAND a long drive to our next stop, Egilsstaðir. Made a few quick stops along the way to take pictures. Highway 1 led us through incredibly scenic routes along the cliffs, through the mountains, into forests.

and now it’s snowing. 11:32pm.

Jökulsárlón, “, “, “, Random stop along Highway 1 to Egilsstaðir

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