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Europe 2012: Day 05 (Iceland 05): Oct 22

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Golden Circle Day Two.

Before leaving Hestheimar, we visited the stables they had and saw some horses.

Seljalandsfoss. First stop of the day, a waterfall where we were able to walk behind! Pretty cool and cold… I got too close, sank my shoes in mud, had to go and change. Oops. 馃槢 Also, my camera got so fogged up I couldn’t take any photos until the end of the day – -;… Therefore I can’t remember where we went. Let’s see…


Then it started to rain and apparently most restaurants during the weekdays are closed at these random tourist spots along the circle. Especially since it’s low season. What do these people do with themselves? Farm, I guess…

Off towards Vik, towards our guesthouse for the night in Vellir. No one around. Back on the road!

Dyrh贸laey, a small peninsula close to Vik. Consisting of three spots to stop on a black-sand beach. I wish I had a container or something :(. Still pretty cool in the rain though.


Tomorrow, Glacier Hike!

Seljalandsfoss, From within a random cavern in the Dyrh贸laey Peninsula, Overlooking the black-sand beach of Dyrh贸laey PANO iOS6!

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