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Australia 2010: Day 08: May 02

Today. We go shopping. or try to. First stop, DFO. Direct Factory Outlet.

After walking for about 20-30 minutes we got to the outlet and we walked through the outlet in about an hour and a half and bought….. nothing. what a bust. The food court was pretty crappy too. skip. We decided to walk back to southern Cairns and walk around the shops and streets we have been through so many times already… whee.

Shopping in Asia is SO much easier and cheaper. The brands and prices here are either the same in Toronto or way too similar so the only things we’ve bought are touristy stuff, Zzz.

So in Cairns we have: bungy jumped, scuba dived, snorkelled, swam with the fishes, learned about the Tjapukai, seen koalas, fed with kangaroos and played with birds! not bad at all.


  1. Anonymous

    Lillian mother to be

    Due date November 2010, don’t know boy / girl yet

    Glad to see you both are having fun; keep it up and keep the live journal coming — ubteresting to read

    Take care and enjoy, Dad & MoM

    Posted on 02-May-10 at 2:40 pm | Permalink
  2. Anonymous

    it’s karen… Whoaa i wanna do wha u did in Cairns… well maybe not bungee i dunno lol but the rest seem so cool

    Posted on 03-May-10 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

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