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Australia 2010: Day 04: April 28

Despite our bad luck surfing, or lack of, yesterday we were able to book a Blue Mountains tour in the morning for today. They sent their confirmation through email so we stopped by the three-storey Apple store to steal their wi-fi and got the email 😀

Anyways, we met up with our tour bus somewhere near Central and had two more pickup spots before we headed out of the city towards the mountains. Full bus, we went on a highway that had installed some additional fixtures to commemorate the fallen soldiers of WWI, a specific type of soldier I believe. Yup.

First stop was the nepean river. Apparently they discovered and named this river and later on found another river and named it ox river but again later found out it was “the same bloody river” heh. But they still call it differently in the north and south.

Our next stop of the tour was the kangaroo carving, it was actually off on the side of a residential road which was pretty… Odd. A small sign warning people of fines if they damage anything. The aborigines deem any drawing or carving that doesn’t tell a story as graffiti, this one told of a kangaroo hunt and how they killed it and what direction they went afterwards O.o……. And around the area were some plants that were useful for the tribe in the area. Flax weed and some kind of tree with special flower/seed things. Yup, I pay attention ;)… They use those flowers as haircombs and one type of them actually takes 12 hours to burn through the inside. They also could be made into a sweet drink when blooming. Whee.

Next… Wentworth falls. A nice walk with several stairs and a nicer view of the waterfall and the ‘pristine’ forest in the valley supposedly older than the grand canyon…

Leura village. A nice small artsy village. Galleries and wood carved sculptures, expensive fine chocolate, etcetc… There was a nice pie place, steak and gravy! And some nice desserts available…

Scenic world + katoomba + the three sisters. Scenic world, great name… In optima! Spotted Optima everywhere, sorta crazy… Anyways. Cable car across a canyon between the three sisters and the katoomba waterfalls. Katoomba in the native tongue means falling water or something like that :D…. The three sisters, legend has it, three women of one tribe wanted to marry three men from another. The tribe did not want the women to marry and the men were to capture the women but a battle ensued. In order to keep them safe, a mystic transformed the three women into the rock figures. However, the mystic perished in the battle and the three women will forever remain as rock, ooooo…. We then enter the rainforest where they show the different type of gum/eucalyptus trees, ribbon gum, scribbly gum… Etc. A scenic railway then brought us up in a steep incline, through a cavern which was pretty cool.

Next up, the kings tableland. Amazing spot, great view. Its basically a huge cliff. There were apparently a number of suicides and wrecked cars over the cliff, and it was very windy too… Could have stayed there for a while, but we had to continue on.

We visited another national park to try and spot some roos but no luck. Only cockatoos. Zz…

On our way to the ferry we drove through the olympic park, the driver pointed out several of the buildings, what they were used for in the 2000 games and what they are used for now. Wish we could have looked around them more, owell.

The ferry brought us along the parramatta river where we got a nice view of the sunset and the full moon.

Tomorrow, heading out to Cairns! Silent-ish ‘r’… Its… Odd to say. 7am flight, international gate, gotta wake up early… Thanks uncle ron and auntie maisie for having us over!

The Three Sisters

The Other Sister (on Kings Table)

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