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Europe 2011: Day 02 (Germany 02): May 14

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Didn’t get enough sleep, woke up throughout the night. 🙁 No real destination today, exploring the city, visit some museums, etc.

Crossed the bridge and headed for a flea market that spanned across three maybe four bridges, pretty crazy. The items were almost everything from laptop batteries to vacuums to buddha heads.

Jumped into the Museum fur Kommunikation which was basically a free museum exploring the different types of communication. Wasn’t bad. Had a really cool phone-sheep sculpture. We continued walking and went into a ‘historical’ city area with older facades. The Dom/Romer area apparently.

We stumbled upon a nice small shop, reminiscent of magic pony! Bought a tokidoki blind box while the others had fun with Pee&Poo. The second floor had a really cool exhibition from a Japanese artist (Moto Waganari) who used a lot of wire as his medium.

As per the local suggestion we headed to Fichterkranzi for dinner, a restaurant known for its Apfelwein (apple cider) and its grune sousse (green sauce). Good filling dinner and some nice cider, good day. But we’re exhausted. Sleeeeeeep.


Wire Sculpture by Moto Waganari

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