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Europe 2011: Day 03 (Greece 01): May 15

Next stop: KOS!

But to get there, we need to get on a 3am shuttle bus to bring us to the Frankfurt-Hahn airport for our 740am flight out. So it was an early night prior.

Didn’t feel like I got much sleep although trying to sleep the whole night, but we had to wake up by 2, check-out and make our way to the bus stop. Surprisingly the bus was almost full when we got there, after we got on there were approx 5 seats left. And 1h 45m ride to the Hahn airport from Frankfurt Haupfbahnhof. Zzzzzzz…

It was a small airport, heading to european destinations. Waited until we were able to board (after arriving at about 445, boarding at about 720)… Awesome. Short 2h flight to KOS, Greece and everything worked out, bye for now Germany!

Upon arriving at Greece we were planning on renting a car to get around instead of buses and taxis, unfortunately they require international driver licenses :(… So we went and found a bus to take us into KOS city. During our ride in, the island seemed very… Desolate. Abandoned buildings, roofs caved in, empty lots, construction sites. Maybe because its a sunday? When we finally got into the port area, it became pretty clear that the island is very tourist driven. Information booths, ferries, harbour, bike, scooter, car rentals. Once we got off the bus we were met with a couple of, I guess, hostel/hotel staff trying to get people to stay with them, saying, ‘only 5 minutes away!’ The liveliest part was the harbour and as we moved away to our resort, it got more and more desolate once again. But the resort. Very nice. Very well pleased. Diamond Deluxe Hotel. Surrounded by more of nothing.

A white and beige design colour scheme, frosted glass panels, interesting sculptures and ‘living’ walls. (‘ ‘ because they’re dead/fake walls) Our room is very nice, two levels, second level is open to the first below, nice chandelier and a small patio to view the inner pools of the resort. No wifi in the rooms but available by the lobby. Across the resort is the beach, just across the street, with palm tree umbrellas and lounge chairs. Rest, sleep, tan to the crashing waves and breezy winds. Once you get past the street with the speeding cars that is, good thing there aren’t that many cars.

After a short photo shoot by the outdoor bar, where karen accidentally dropped her iphone into a small pool of water, we brought our cameras out towards the lobby and eventually went across the street to sunbathe. Relaxing. But this was also when karen broke her mini tripod with her heavy dslr :P…

After taking a short nap by the water, we went back and took a dip in the pool. The water is coooooooooold. And not heated. But fun nonetheless. Even the hottub with the bubbles was cold bubbles :(. Anyways, after some cold water fun we headed to our room and I took the chance to catch up on some reading on the patio while mike and karen went for a run. When they came back we were met with a ride to the bike rental shop and we rode around the town and caught the sunset by the beach. Beautiful. Apparently just across the water, staring back at us, is Turkey! Pretty awesome.

Along with our reservation, comes with a dinner buffet, mmmmmmmmm. Food was pretty good to me! Stuffed! It seems I’m eating a lot for dinner… Although I can’t remember eating any lunch… Hmm.

Its too bad we’re only staying here for one night 🙁 its an awesome resort, despite the desolate town. Drinks are extra. Heh.

Gnite! Breakfast buffet awaits.

Oh. Slight sunburn. 🙁 doesn’t sting yet though. 🙂

Lounge setup across the street from resort

View of resort from our patio in the evening

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