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Thailand 2018: Day 01: March 16

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Left Wednesday afternoon.

14~ hours to shanghai.

Shanghai for an hour.

5~ hours to Phuket.


Exchanged, got Sim.

Taxi to Airbnb at like 2am.

Airbnb is so nice, big, new.

Bee met us here.

Private waterfall pool.

Beach so close.

Slept for an hour.

Sunset at 6:30


7-11, spent so much.

Johnny arrives with Fabio.

Chill for a bit, play pool. Food.

Grab to big Buddha. Half an hour ride.

Driver stayed.

It’s big.

Lots of others built around as well.

Monkey stole bananas and chips.

Golden leaves with messages.

Donations, under construction.

To Karon Beach.

Water so warm.

Pikachu in the sky. Expensive.

Henna tattoos!

Planning for the next day.

Walking to a non existent night market.

Back to red chopsticks.

Drive home, oddly super long.


8am leave for island adventure!

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