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South America 2016: Day 12 (Bolivia 02): Dec 03

One of our latest mornings, 10:30 to start our Uyuni tour. We were late. Oops. Get into the van, apparently we’re picking up 4 more people. 

After picking them up, we head out. Our first destination, the Train Cemetery. A weird collection of broken down trains and pieces. Makes for interesting photos. 20 minutes later, we’re off. 

A quick stop to pick up lunch and… they asked our shoe size. Not yet sure for what. 

Next stop, the salt factory. Where they manufacture some salt products, package raw salt for cooking, and sell a lot of random souvenirs to tourists. 

Half an hour later, we’re at a specific spot where there are small geysers that create pools of water with medicinal properties (supposedly). 

Next, our lunch spot. Stopping at a large DAKAR Bolivia and statue. And experiencing more of the flats. It’s kinda crazy how they know where to go with nothing to guide them aside from traveled car tracks. Maybe the distant mountains help them navigate. Meh, lunch, expensive banõ, still a nice place though. 

Next! Incahausi. Basically an island in the Salt flats covered in cacti. None of the group decided to pay for entry, so we spent an hour playing with the perspective shots. So sunny and hot out. And to get the better shots, you need to be lying on the ground. I was also trying out Rosanna’s GoPro Birdie, eh…. Difficult to use correctly, I think. By the time it turns over, it’s milliseconds from hitting the ground. And it hit the ground a lot, and violently. We shall see the outcome later. 

The next couple of stops, we really just stopped to take pictures 😛 Perspective shots with people jumping, kicked, eaten, etc. We also took a bunch of group shots, videos, jumping, it was a lot of fun. 

It seems like we were just wasting time until…. The sunset! We drove further, but actually closer to where we entered the flats, and not too far from where we were last night, to a wet area. A small small super shallow pond or something. An area surrounded by larger rocks to create a pool of water. The reflections we heard of are possible here. Pretty damn cool too! Putting on the boots he pulled out from the bag, we went and jumped around. Lots of pictures. The double sunset was beautiful and so fast. 

Then we had to go. Our flight leaves in about an hour, and we’ve gotta drive there… Easy and quick check in though, there aren’t many people or flights. Some weird airport tax of 11BOB each person. The X-ray machine wasn’t working though so the guy went in and searched it himself. Boarded, an hour flight, and a 50BOB taxi ride to our fancy hotel. 

Security guard at the door! Settled in and then went out for a late dinner. Everything actually closed fairly early. The only things left were pizza joints. So we had pizza 😛 pretty good too! 

10:40am flight out to Cusco. Then Cusco to Lima. Then home. Almost there. 

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