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South America 2016: Day 01 (Peru 01): Nov 22

Finally! After years and years of me bugging Karen. She finally planned our trip to Peru 🙂 Thank you whatever flight deals convinced my sister and Karen to buy tickets at 1:30AM.

8AM flight, last minute packing, rush rush rush. Boarded about 10 minutes after I got to the gate 😛
CopaAir, not bad. Small plane, decent breakfast, nothing exciting on the personal media thing. Sleepy anyways. Some rough turbulence at times, but we all got to Panama safe and sound to await our next flight. Delayed by an hour or so because of bad weather… Nothing exciting. The four of us had to switch seats because we had the emergency exit row but couldn’t understand Spanish :'( much more legroom. Oh wells.

Lima! Quick and easy customs. Luggage, and we’re off to our hostel. 1900 Backpackers. The traffic and driving is kinda crazy. But not as crazy as Vietnam or China, apparently. The city seems kinda dirty, lots of cops around, lots of honking. Took about half an hour to get to our hostel from the airport. 

Checked in, aaaaand let’s go! Checking out the water show! The last show is at 9:30, we still have to find it… Karen has unlimited free roaming, comes in handy. Not too far from the hostel, we get there as it starts, 4 soles for entry. It lasts for 15 minutes and is a water, light, laser, music show. Kinda cool. The fountains around the whole park is a lot of fun though, lots of lights and water. Tunnels of water with lights, mazes made with water jets, this place is probably packed during the summer months. Finished our rounds, took our pictures, time to find a quick bite to eat at.. Pardos Chicken. Yum. 

8am flight to Cusco tomorrow! 

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