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Europe/Africa 2014: Day 12 (Morocco 07): Oct 16

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SO MANY FLIES. Not in the tent though, at least, but outside. They are everywhere and there are so many. They weren’t so annoying at night. Waking up around 630, it’s still a bit dark. But good to catch the sunrise coming over the sand dunes. Good times.

The only reason we got up so early was to sand board but no one else was up… When they did get up, the first guy we asked said something like… Yes, there’s a board over there, have fun. Wait. One board? We have to walk up the sand? Mm… I guess sand boarding was an optional random, kinda just there activity. We got one more board and two butt sled things and made our way up. They were seriously just snowboards. The bindings were for snowboard boots and everything. And the boards were not waxed either… *sigh. Karen and I put the boards on and got up……. And. No. No gliding, no sliding. We had to move ourselves essentially. So we made the most of it, let’s get some photos! Action shots! Jumps! Hahaha… Oh well. Maybe on another trip.

Had a quick breakfast and back on the dromedary for the ride back. Destination: Shower.

Quick lunch on the road to Ouarzazate, should have went somewhere else, bleh.

Finally arriving in Ouarzazate after a long drive, mostly napping in the car as Abdul drove. We settle in at Riad Ouarzazate, a very nice place, fancy. Shortly after, we head out to the souks to look for some souvenirs. The souk area isn’t too big here, but they have a lot of antiquey pieces as well as cheap touristy ones as well. They did not seem busy at all, which may explain their pushiness and desperation to make a sale. Good opportunity for Karen, Sameer, and Michelle to put their bargaining skills to the test. Good job, guys.

Back to the Riad, for some really good soup, tajine, and dessert.

Camel in the SunriseCamel~SandboardingThe Sahara Desert

Camel, Camel, Sandboarding, The Perfect Sahara Desert

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