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Europe/Africa 2014: Day 03 (Portugal 03): Oct 07

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Today, we are heading to Lagos!
But before that, we’re gonna explore a little bit of Lisbon one last time.

We got up a little later than usual, usual being the last two days. After grabbing some breakfast from the hostel, we went to the subway station to buy an all day pass for 6 euro. Of course, with a little souvenir shopping along the way.

Jumping on the touristy, wooden, old tram, we followed it’s route to random locations to explore. Although there was a bit of rain.

After visiting the local fish market, we headed back towards to main city and ate Bifana at O Trevo. Bifana is a Portuguese pork cutlet sandwich, not bad at all. Our next pitstop, Amorino. An amazing Gelato shop. So good. They also shaped the Gelato into a flower for presentation.

Closer to our hostel, we visited to design museum. MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda. Free entry :). The main floor’s exhibit showed industrial and fashion design from several different eras. Chairs, shelves, dresses, etc. Interesting to look at. On the upper floor, there was an exhibit by Andre Saraiva, which was pretty cool, I recognize the smiley face with the circle and x as eyes. And apparently an inappropriate Mickey Mouse….

Back to the hostel, time to move on. Goodbye Lisbon. Hello to the surf and sand city of Lagos, after a 4 hour bus ride.

Checked into TAG Hostel and went for food. Wine, Swordfish, Perch, Tuna at Restaurante a Forja. All were so very very good.

After walking around a little and shopping for souvenirs, PASSED OUT.

Lisbon Trams!Bifana at O TrevoMUDE, Andre SaraivaMUDE, Andre SaraivaSwordfish at Restaurante a Forja

Trams, Bifana, MUDE, MUDE, Swordfish.

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