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Europe 2012: Day 15 (Paris 04): Nov 01

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Quiet day today.

Slept in 🙂

Only plan was to head out to the Salon du Chocolat out at the Parc des Expositions. Basically, a huge chocolate convention 🙂 Lotsa gifts were bought here. Heads up.

One booth that caught my eye and several euros, pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris. Interesting macaroon flavours like BLACK SEASAME! Mmmm…

As per Desmond’s recommendation, we went to find a special ramen place, Higuma Ramen. Along the same street there were actually several other ramen places, seemed like a small J-Town actually. Line ups everywhere. After some small discussion, Paris is quite international. Similar to New York and Toronto. Food is food. (although not bakeries, mmm…)

Quiet day. but good day.
Kevin’s heading out to Toronto tomorrow.
Leaving me here all alone 🙁

AOKI Paris’ Tokyo Macaroon Yaki, AOKI Paris’ Macaroon selection, Higuma Ramen’s Katsu Curry

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