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Korea 2009: Day 05: May 07


This time we met Ashley at her uncle’s place instead. It was closer to the subway line that we wanted to get onto, rather than transferring a couple times. The thing about the subway in Korea, it’s about the same thing as in Japan. hahha… I’m not even sure which one is bigger. Anyways, destination: […]

Korea 2009: Day 04: May 06


Korean Folk Village. is where we’re headed. Since our internet cellphones still suck (i’m not exactly sure how those phones work) i had to go outside and a couple steps away from the building in order to get enough reception to give Ashley a call and see if she was coming with. aiya… Anyways, Ashley […]

Korea 2009: Day 03: May 05


I’m very unprepared for this trip, karen did most of the planning and i did almost no research :D… Today, Ashley had plans with her own friends so we were to fend for ourselves in Seoul. After grabbing some freshly baked goods for breakfast, we went underground and somehow bought Karen a subway pass as […]

Korea 2009: Day 02: May 04


Woke up with the balcony door open, cold. at around 5ish but slept until 6 somethin, to the yoga stretches of michelle and cassie. hahaha…. we were supposed to meet up with ashley at 12 and figure something out. so we have a cellphone which is a bit…….. troublesome. i locked it, but didnt know […]

Korea 2009: Day 01: May 03


And off to Korea. 630am flight, just a bit too early. 5 hour flight to vancouver, surprised to see the personal touchscreens on the domestic flight, guess it depends on the plane? meh. Watched Yes Man and Benjamin Button. Yes Man was pretty good. Button was not bad either, altho i slept through the middle […]