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South America 2016: Day 13 (Peru 11): Dec 04

Leaving La Paz for Cusco at 10:40. Pack pack pack. Not that we unpacked much anyways. Today? Flights. Hopefully some time in Lima.

A quick ride back to La Paz airport, we’ve been here so many times in the last couple of days… Check in, spend the bunch of Boliviano that we had left over for snacks as souvenirs, and board.

Another flight, arrived in Cusco only to grab our luggage to board another flight. Little did we know, it would be a long and annoying check in. But Noah arrived around 12 to give Gayaanan his wallet, yay! We weren’t checked-in until 1ish though. And by that time our flight was delayed until 2. It’s now 3:30pm, and people are….. Just starting to board. That’s okay. My flight to Toronto is at 1:40pm tomorrow. 

Jeez. Turns out that the flight/gate we were watching, was wrong. Our flight was upstairs where we were originally. So they… Changed the flight number? Or the information on the screens was wrong. We even waited to board near the end… The girl who checked our boarding pass pleaded with us to hurry hurry, ariba! To gate 4 that the screen showed as flight 217, not 215… We ended up running all the way upstairs, the guy at the gate saw us, quickly ripped the boarding pass part they needed and ran and yelled down the boarding corridor to not close the door. We boarded as the last three people, all the way at the back. Oops. 

Finally arriving at Lima at around 6, we get a taxi for 50s down to Miraflores. Wow, what a difference. This is the richer part of town, obviously. The casinos, big hotels, boardwalk, a mall that had a fire that has been closed for weeks…….. 

We walk around a bit and end up going to the Marriott for directions and suggestions. Directions to a supermarket, and dinner at a seaside restaurant. Walked to the supermarket, Vivando, and bought random things as gifts. It was like a high end Sobey’s inside. 

Got a taxi to Cala, the seafood restaurant. Looks really damn fancy. But the food prices were reasonable. We somehow got a table on the second floor, outside, by the water. Nice, but cold. The food took a while to come, but was pretty good. 

The taxi back to the airport cost 70s and there wasn’t any room for negotiations as they have agreements with the restaurant and there aren’t any other options around… And here we are, 11:30, in some random corridor resting and awaiting our check-in times. Zzz. 

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